Saco Treeworks is owned and operated by Ryman McLane.  Ryman’s interest in treework began with the US Forest Service following the 1998 New England ice storm.  That summer he removed trees that were twisted and broken, providing his first real practice at hazard tree removal.  He loved the job and worked the following summer as a sawyer for the Diamond Mountain Hotshots where he cut trees for fireline across the West, rarely working fewer than 100 hours a week!  Despite the excitement of fighting fire and working in big timber, he eventually returned to the Northeast to complete a BA in geography at Middlebury College.  Ryman eventually left the Forest Service in 2004 to start Saco Treeworks and that summer became a certified arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture.  Saco Treeworks specializes in residential tree removal and would be happy to discuss your tree care needs.

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